Going to a technical school in America is one of the best ways to learn a skill and begin a career in a growing field. Not everyone has the patience for college or even the money that they need to go to college classes. Because of this, a technical or trade school is definitely your next best option and can be perfect for you if this is what you are looking to do with your life. Many of these trade schools teach you skills that help (more…)

The admission process for universities in the United States may seem intimidating for some students. Nevertheless, students should take all of the necessary steps to get into great higher education institutions in the United States. Many universities in the U.S.A. offer online applications that students can fill out right at home. Students will have to submit several other important documents in addition to filling out the university’s main admission applications.

Colleges and universities request official transcript records from high (more…)

Going to college can be a wonderful experience, and it is definitely a smart decision for most people. Not only can you experience a lot of new things and meet a lot of people by going to college, but you can learn valuable information that will help you for the rest of your life. You also can’t deny the fact that obtaining a degree can help you get into different career fields later on in life. Fortunately, there are a multitude of opportunities out there for you (more…)

Education in Louisville has, depending on your point of view, either improved or declined, over the past ten to fifteen years. Ironically, both views draw from the same outcomes but gain diametrically opposed opinions. The likelihood that those who have a positive impression of the educational system in Louisville, and those who have a negative impression, could ever come to a consensus is slim to none.

There is, however, one agreement that can be reached (more…)

Today young people have so many choices when it comes to education. Years ago it was very cut and dry. Children went to the local school closest to their home. There were not a lot of other options. Today everything has changed. Many people are home schooling and others are using the parts of public education that work best for them. Most local school districts are willing to work with children and their families to provide (more…)

There is a great face lift that is happening in primary school education in Louisville. This face lift involves a new way of teaching young children through technology. This is gaining attention throughout the country because these are some real leaps and bounds type steps.

Five of Kentucky’s top high schools are in Jefferson county and this county includes Louisville. Now the board of education for this city is trying to get the primary schools on the map as well. These schools were already performing well, but technology (more…)

Within the United States there is a basic school system which is followed in most regions. There is a progressive system from Kindergarten (typically begins around age six) to First grade all the way through Twelfth grade. Some parents opt for an additional beginning year prior to Kindergarten commonly referred to as Preschool, but not every child attends this year. Each school year typically starts in September with a break a day break for a few holidays, a week break in December into January, a few additional breaks for federal Holidays another week break (more…)

No matter what your views are about the condition of the American public school system, the fact remains that U.S. schools differ greatly from schools of other countries. From countries like Japan that place a major emphasis on education that often creates a grueling schedule for children, to countries like Africa that sometimes have no education system at all, each country’s school system differs from the American public school system.

One of the major ways that foreign schools differ from American schools is that many other countries place a greater emphasis on the importance of a good education. Up until about age 7, kids of all countries tend to have a similar intelligence level, but it seems as if that changes by age 8. Many studies have shown that by 9th grade, foreign children average higher on learning tests than their American counterparts. Although this seems like some grim data for American schools, Indiana Home ADT Security, there are many cities around the United States that are providing children with the education they need to succeed in life, especially around Kentucky. Louisville is home to many high quality schools that are looking to help their students compete with their often educationally superior foreign counterparts.